What is Scarlet Clicks?


How many members has Scarlet Clicks got?

Scarlet Clicks is a PTC site where you can earn money from clicking advertisements, among other things. 

It is also an investment opportunity, if you choose to put money in your account.

As of writing this post, Scarlet Clicks has paid out over $2.5 million to it's users and has over 1 million members. 

Does Scarlet Clicks actually pay?

As you can see on the table below, Scarlet clicks does pay and has different payment methods including airtm and Netteller. 

I will post my own proof of payments as and when I get them. As of posting this I have just opened a new account and not ready to request my first payout yet. However I was a member years ago and 100% got paid.  Life just got in the way and I let my account die. 

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Scarlet Clicks?

$2 is the minimum withdrawal amount on Scarlet Clicks.

What are the payment methods on Scarlet Clicks?

Payeer 8%

Bitcoin $3+0.5%

Faucetpay 1%

Litecoin $1.5

Dash $1 + 1%

AirTM 8%

Neteller $0.5 + 2%

Skrill $0.6 +3%

Can I earn money without investing on Scarlet Clicks?

Yes.  As well as clicking ads, there are other ways to earn money on Scarlet clicks including completing surveys, signing up for offers and games. You can also try to attract direct referrals to Scarlet Clicks and as long as they are active, you can earn from those. 

Here is what I have currently earned on Scarlet Clicks:

Here is what I have currently withdrawn on Scarlet Clicks

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