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Extending referrals on Scarlet Clicks is the best way to earn the most from your account. By extending the maximum time possible - 365 day, you get a 30% discount.  Here I am extending 9 out of my first 50 referrals for $11.501.   That's £1.28 per referral for 365 days.

That's $0.003 per day for 1 referral.

If I only extended them for 15 days it would cost me $0.005 per day. It doesn't seem like a great saving initially, but over time it will add up. It's all extra money in your account. 

Scarlet Clicks Rented Referrals - Extending

If I extended 50 referrals for 365 days it would cost $64

If I extended 50 referrals for 15 days it would cost 3.75.  But if I kept doing it by 15 days at a time to extend by 365, rather than 365 in one go, it would cost me $91.25 to extend the 50 rented referrals I have.  That's a saving of $27.25 Worth it to me.

How much could these 50 rented referrals on Scarlet Clicks make me in 365 days?

Assuming each one clicks 5 ads per day at $0.001 per ad. That's $0.005 per day, per rented referral.

So $0.005 x 50 = $0.25.

Multiply $0.25 by 365 = $91.25.

To extend them for 365 days it costs me $64.  So $91.25 - $64 = $27.25.  (This is only an example and not necessarily how much you will make)

However I originally purchased these 50 rented referrals for 30 days at $7.50

Lets add that into the equation.

$7.50 + $64 (extension value) = $71.50

Now $0.005 x 50 = $0.25 

$0.25 x 395 (initial rental time of 30 days plus extended 365 days) = $98.75

$98.75 - $71.50 = $27.25.  That's the same amount as before concluding that to make money on Scarlet Clicks, you have to extend your referrals at a discounted price.

Please note: This is just an example and your referrals could earn you more than this, or less than this.

Factors to consider.

  • Not every rented referral clicks every day
  • Not every rented referral clicks 5 ads every day. Some days could be more, some could be less.
  • Some of your rented referrals could have upgraded meaning you earn more per click from them.
  • You also have to take into account costs for upgrading your account.
  • Recycling costs. (If a RR is inactive it costs $0.04 on standard Monthly Gold membership. Slightly less on some of the other membership upgrades.)

Please comment below with your thoughts, questions, advice or own experiences with Scarlet Clicks.

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