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 Neobux Review and Earnings. 2022

I used Neobux years ago and made some money of the thing but life got in the way and I let my account die. For anyone who isn't sure bout what Neobux is, check out the video at the bottom of the blog. 

Yesterday I decided to open a new account and see how much I could make from Neobux on a monthly basis. I am not planning on investing any of my own money, however if that changes, I will update and let you know how much I invest and why.

If you want to join me on this Neobux journey and share it with me and others, you can join Neobux here:  Neobux

I'm going to share .my results here with you to follow.

Day one on Neobux.  18 Jan 2022.

Neobux earnings 2022

On day one on Neobux I managed to rent my first 5 referrals which will hopefully go towards earning me money over time.  I paid for these by completing surveys on Neobux.  

Neobux rented referrals

The 5 referrals cost me $1.00 to rent for 30 days.. Paid for by earnings from surveys.  

I have these referrals for 30 days initially and then I can either extend them or let them die  As it's been a while since I used Neobux I will have to figure out which strategy I am going to use to earn the most money.  

Day one Neobux Survey Earnings

Goals on Neobux.

Rent 5 referrals - ✅  18 Feb 2022 - Extended for 240 days - 21 Feb 2022 - ✅  
Rent 25 referrals - 
Rent 50 referrals -
Rent 100 referrals - 
Upgrade to golden membership - 

My next goal is to reach 100 referrals all extended for 240 days. After that I will upgrade my membership to golden as there are many more benefits included and potential to earn more money/ make more profit.


Neobux Earnings 2022

Note. For rented referrals you will earn $0.005 per fixed ad click.

To earn from your rented referrals, you also are required to do your own clicks each day. Therefore I will also be earning money from my clicks. 

Updated: 21st Feb 2022

Rented referrals  (SPACE*) - 5 for 30 days
Rented referrals cost: $1.00 for 30 days
Deposited $20.00 (USD)
Extended 5 rr for 240 days - $5.60 (best option as 30% discount)

Day 1 on Neobux.   Starting on 19 Feb 2022

Rented Referral clicks: 0 

Purchased 5 Referrals for 30 days costing $1.00

Day 2.

Rented Referral clicks: 8 

Referral Earnings: $0.04

Day 3

Rented Referral clicks: 8 

Referral Earnings: $0.04

Day 4

Total rented Referral clicks: 8 

Referral Earnings to date: $0.04

I caved in and added some funds to my account to give myself a bit of a jump start. I added $20.00.
I used $5.60 of this to extend my 5 rented referrals for 240 days at a discount of 30%. This means I don't have to worry about those expiring for quite a while now.

Neobux rented referrals

I have $14.40 left in my rental balance which I will use to rent some more referrals and extend them on 25th Feb 2022.  As a standard member, I can only rent referrals every 7 days. 

Day 5

Rented Referral clicks: 8 

Referral Earnings: $0.04

Day 6 (23 Feb 2022)

Rented Referral clicks: 8

Referral Earnings: $0.04

Day 7 

Rented Referral clicks: 12

Referral Earnings: $ 0.06

Day 8 
Rented 20 more referrals for $4.00 and extended 9 of them for 240 days for $10.08. Total spent today $14.08.  I will extend the remaining 11 referrals over the coming days/weeks with money earned.

Rented Referral clicks: 12

Referral Earnings: $ 0.06

Further stats will be done on a weekly basis.

A spreadsheet I have created to track my referral earnings.

Feb 2022

Neobux Earnings Feb 2022
*This should be in USD currency.

Check out this video that explains some things on Neobux a little better. I found it really useful and it gave me an idea as to what strategy I would use. 
 *As the lady in this video explains, it is good to look at your rental referrals as a SPACE that you rent, rather than a person. As long as you keep renting that space, you'll keep your referrals. 

Some working out for Neobux in order to calculate profit. (Standard member)

1 referral for initial 30 days cost $0.20. 240 days extension - $1.12.   Total cost for 1 referral $1.32.

$1.32 x 5 rr's all extended for 240 days - $6.60.

or 5 rr for 30 days  - $1.00
5 rr's extended for 240 days - $5.60     ($1.00 + $5.60 = $6.60)

5 referrals extended for 240 days (270 days total) - $6.60
Current earnings from 5 rr's - $0.10  
profit/loss -$6.50

Total rr's clicks required to break even with 5 rr's extended for 240 days - 1320 clicks at $0.005 per click

270 days total - 1320/270 = 4.88.  (average clicks required per day to break even)


Total rr's clicks required to break even without extending - 200 clicks required at $0.005 per click.

30 days total - 200/30 = 6.66 (average clicks required per day to break even)


Note: less clicks are required per day by extending each referral by 240 days making it more profitable. 

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