Neobux Earnings June 3rd 2022


I only extended a few rented referrals yesterday. Although the best strategy is to extend by 240 days for the biggest discount, I made the error of renting more than I could afford to extend fully. Therefore my current strategy is to extend by 90 days with an 18% discount.  But ultimately to keep all of my referrals over 30 days.  If a referral is below 20 days, autopay turns off.

My own clicks earnings: $0.09

  Rented: $3.160 (316)
  Direct: $0.000 (0)
  Both: $3.160 (316)
  Net: $1.390
  Avg. of rented: 0.527
  Avg. of direct: 0.000
  Avg. of both: 0.525
  Recycling: $0.000
  Renewing: $1.200
  AutoPay: $0.570
  Total expenses: $1.770

This is where i am currently at with my balances on my account. (06.49am GMT)

The below stats are from my last 10 days according to NeobuxOx


  Rented: $30.050 (3005)

  Direct: $0.040 (8)

  Both: $30.090 (3013)

  Net: $-28.937


  Avg. of rented: 0.501

  Avg. of direct: 0.400

  Avg. of both: 0.500


  Recycling: $0.000

  Renewing: $53.720

  AutoPay: $5.307

  Total expenses: $59.027

I have invested some of my own money into this to give me a jump start. 

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