Neobux Earnings June 2022

 Neobux Earnings May 2022

Follow me and join me earning money on Neobux. One of the best PTC sites online.
I've been on Neobux since Feb 18th 2022, although I did have an account with Neobux years ago too.

Earning money is relatively easy and isn't time consuming. However patience is required to earn money on Neobux and the amount you want to earn is pretty much entirely up to you.  You can start for free and never invest any money and still earn, but it will take a little longer, or you can jump start with investing a bit of money and earn a little quicker.

Here is where I am at right now.

I have 600 rented referrals. and 2 direct referrals.

Neobux rented referrals

I have upgraded to golden membership which cost me $90 for 1 year, however it is certainly worth it in the long run.

Neobux Golden Membership

I have cashed out $5.07 as of the date of posting this. I could have taken out more, but at the moment I am trying to build my Neobux account by renting and extending my rented referrals.

Renting referrals on Neobux

My target number of rented referrals is 1000 however I am currently in the process of extending the 600 I have to a point where I don't have to worry about them expiring.  When you rent a referral you initially get it for 30 days. However to make the most profit, you will ideally want to extend them for as long as possible.  There are different options for this which you will see below.

15 more days with no discount
30 more days with a 5% discount.
60 more days with a 10% discount.
90 more days with a 18 % discount
150 more days with a 25% discount
240 more days with a 30% discount.

See the image below for a breakdown of costs or go here for the Neobux help page.

Screenshot taken from Neobux

You also have the option of autopay. This gives your rented referral one extra day and is paid for from the first click they make every day. I have this turned on as this is the strategy I am currently using along with extending my referrals.

How much am I earning per day with 600 rented referrals on Neobux?

Keep in mind that I am a golden member so I earn $0.01 per click on Neobux from my rented referrals.  I also have autopay turned on so that takes away some of what I earn daily, but it is beneficial as it keeps the referrals mine for longer.

My gross income on Neobux from the last 10 days is as follows:

25th May 2022: 331 clicks = $3.31 
26th May 2022: 350 clicks = $3.50
27th May 2022: 283 clicks = $2.83
28th May 2022: 329 clicks  = $3.29
29th May 2022: 322 clicks = $3.22
30th May 2022: 293 clicks = $2.93
31st May 2022: 347 clicks = $3.47
1st June 2022: 337 clicks = $3.37
2nd June 2022: 358 clicks = $3.58
Total: $29.50
3rd June 2022: Currently in progress.   

However as I have autopay turned on some of this is deducted as shown below.

25th May 2022: 331 clicks = $3.31 - autopay @ $0.58 = $2.73 Net
26th May 2022: 350 clicks = $3.50  - autopay @  $0.59 = $2.91 Net
27th May 2022: 283 clicks = $2.83  - autopay @  $0.50 = $2.33 Net
28th May 2022: 329 clicks  = $3.29  - autopay @ $0.52 = $2.77 Net
29th May 2022: 322 clicks = $3.22  - autopay @ $0.59 = $2.63 Net
30th May 2022: 293 clicks = $2.93  - autopay @ $0.55 = $2.38 Net
31st May 2022: 347 clicks = $3.47  - autopay @ $0.61 = $2.86 Net
1st June 2022: 337 clicks = $3.37  - autopay @ $0.62 = $2.75 Net
2nd June 2022: 358 clicks = $3.58  - autopay @ $0.64 = $2.94 Net

Total Net = $24.30

As I am also extending m referrals I am using these earnings to currently do this. Plus I have also invested some of my own money into Neobux in order to give me a quicker start. This investment money has been used for upgrading to Neobux Golden Membership, renting referrals and also extending them.  I will post my total investment son another post soon.

According to my Neobux extension; NeoBuxOx, I have the total calculations for the last 10 days as shown below (This is including todays earnings/autopay/extending which has not yet been added to the above) :

10 days - Real: $-2.436

  Rented: $30.720 (3072)
  Direct: $0.060 (12)
  Both: $30.780 (3084)
  Net: $-29.806
  Avg. of rented: 0.512
  Avg. of direct: 0.600
  Avg. of both: 0.512
  Recycling: $0.000
  Renewing: $55.180
  AutoPay: $5.406
  Total expenses: $60.586

As you can see I am currently in negative profit, highlighted in red above. Once I have completed my extending and renting more referrals, this should eventually become a positive net profit.

Please comment below with any questions, advise or general comments. I will try to reply as soon as I can.

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