Neobux Earnings 2nd June 2022

Neobux Earnings 2nd June 2022
 Neobux Earnings 2nd June 2022

As you can see below, I made a loss yesterday, however as I am currently extending all my rented referrals, this is to be expected.  My current strategy is not to recycle any of my rented referrals, instead I let the system auto recycle after 14 days of inactivity. This strategy may change in the future.

600 Rented referrals 2 Direct Referrals. Golden Member.  June 2nd 2022
  Rented: $3.580 (358)
  Direct: $0.000 (0)
  Both: $3.580 (358)
  Net: $-8.599
  Avg. of rented: 0.597
  Avg. of direct: 0.000
  Avg. of both: 0.595
  Recycling: $0.000
  Renewing: $11.540
  AutoPay: $0.639
  Total expenses: $12.179

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