My earnings on Scarlet Clicks

 How much have I made on Scarlet Clicks and how much have I invested?

This is the post where I will keep an up to date record of my earnings and investment on Scarlet Clicks.

What did I spend my initial investment on?

4th June 2022 was when I invested $35.

$10 on monthly gold membership
$5 on 5 direct referrals (This is an experiment to see if purchasing direct referrals is really worth it)
$7.50 on 50 rented referrals
£11.49 on extending 9 rented referrals for 365 days at 30% discount.
Total: $33.99 leaving me $1.01 left from my investment. This will go towards extending more rented referrals on Scarlet Clicks.

See below for daily stats on Scarlet Clicks

June 4th 2022. 

My clicks: $0.07
RR clicks: $0.00
DR clicks: $0.00

June 5th 2022. 

My clicks: $0.07
RR clicks: $0.244
DR clicks: $0.00

June 6th 2022

My clicks: $0.07
RR clicks: $0.25

I extended 2 referrals by 150 days each at a cost of $1.20. I still have 39 rented referrals that I want to extend before I rent more. I will probably invest more to do this.

June 7th 2022

My clicks: $0.07
RR clicks: $0.25

June 8th 2022

Deposited another $65. Total invested $100

Here is what I have spent my total investment on so far:

As you can see above I rented another 300 referrals. I will look at extending once per week from my earnings.  My plan is to get 500 rented referrals which is the maximum under monthly gold membership. I want to upgrade to Yearly gold membership which is $100. Saving $20 over a year.  I also want to extend the rented referrals I have and then aim for 2000 rented referrals on Scarlet Clicks. 

June 9th 2022
RR - 350

My clicks: $0.07
RR clicks: $1.70

June 10th 2022 - I turned autopay on to see if it is a better strategy than extending the referrals. - Seeing if autopay is worth it on Scarlet Clicks


Total Invested: $100
Total Earned from my own clicks: $0.35
Total Earned from rented referral clicks: $2.44
Total Withdrawn: $0.00

Profit / Loss : $100 - $2.79 = -$97.21

Side experiment: $5 spent on 5 direct referrals
$5 - Direct referral earnings.
$5 - 0.10 =  $4.90

Total Profit/Loss = $100 - $1.024 - $0.0466 = $97.11


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