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 Follow me as I start earning money on Scarlet Clicks. Comment below if you are also a member of Scarlet Clicks or have any questions/advice you would like to share. I chose Scarlet Clicks as my second PTC earning site as I have used this site before and I know it works and is a long standing trusted site that pays.

I signed up for Scarlet Clicks a while ago but haven't really done anything with my account yet. No referrals and no upgrade. Today (June 4th 2022) I start earning money through Scarlet clicks and sharing my journey with you.

I have started off by depositing $35.

$10 spent on purchasing a monthly gold upgrade.  I can now earn $0.01 cent for some of my own clicks. Currently there are 7 advertisements at this amount under the premium plus part.

I will first click each of these to make my first $0.07. I had already had just over $0.01 in there from when I first signed up. 

I have $25 left in my purchase balance which I will now use to rent my first set of referrals. However before I do that I want to check out how much extending these referrals will cost.

There are 2 sections that provide some information which will help with this decision. I do intend to turn autopay on as this is the strategy I use on Neobux too.

I will get a 30% discount for extending each referral for 1 year (365 days).  That is ideally the strategy I intend to use. 

I decided to rent 50 referrals for $7.50 leaving me with 

I also turned autopay on straight away so that my referrals start paying for an extra day with each click they make per day. 

How much will it cost me to extend 1 rented referral on Scarlet Clicks for 365 days?

As you can see below it will cost $1.278. That's with a 30% discounts.

If you want to extend your rented referrals for less time with a smaller discount, the costs are as follows:

15 days. 0 discount. $0.075
30 days. 5% discount. $0.142
60 days. 10% discount. $0.27
90 days. 15% discount. $0.382
150 days. 20% discount. $0.60
240 days. 25% discount. $0.90

Bare in mind these prices will go up slightly the more rented referrals you have. 

For now, I will not be extending my referrals as I want to see how much they earn me over the next few days before I decide o my next step.

You also have the option of buying referrals on Scarlet Clicks.  This is potentially risking as you can't recycle them and there is no guarantee they will be good clickers, however as an experiment I will purchase 5 to see what happens.  The minimum I can buy is 5 for a cost of $5.  

I won't have to worry about extending these referrals as they are now mine, and as long as between them they earn me at least the $5 back that I spent on them then I don't lose. I will keep you posted on these direct referrals. 

If you are already a member of Scarlet Clicks, please comment below. Say hi, and share your experiences. Good or bad.

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